7 -Jouets en tôle, XXème S.


An unpleasant encounter had just occurred with what I presumed was a drug dealer. Pierrot sensed my unease and proposed to return home. That day, we left with our companions but without a car, and my epilepsy set in as I struggled to regain the house.


    Pierrot, with his 40-year old body and six-foot frame, put his arms around my waist and lifted me. His strength took me by surprise and must have resolved my brain’s faulty wiring. For once the circuit was repaired. Lying on the ground, I sensed the enormous fatigue he must have felt during and after his crises. I no longer trembled; the anxiety had passed.


    His companion rejoined us shortly after with my medication and I found relief. She was familiar with my crises and my refusal to accept treatment. These had driven her away: she’d stopped being my wife and had slowly become his.




    Oh, excuse me – I forgot to introduce myself. I’ve described Pierrot as I would myself, but later I’ll tell why there’ve been so many details about him. Let’s just say my life had no passion before he arrived and I lived through him and his confidence.

    It happened one day that he came to ask my help. I sensed suffering in his voice when he asked for a Gitane. I gave it and understood that faced with such a dilemma, such pressure, I was powerless.

Deux voitures en tôle, l'une chinoise l'autre japonaise.

Dirigeable en aluminium. Dans l'état.

Jouet scientifique voiture alu incomplète. Dans l'état. On y joint un zépelin.

Le sport luge. Dans sa boîte. Manque les sujets.


Pierrot, ese día, por primera vez en su vida, tuvo que ponerle la mano encima a alguien, y ese alguien era su padre, también una fuerza de la naturaleza. Este hombre lo hizo trabajar siete días a la semana en la visita guiada del museo y en los espectáculos de animación de treinta minutos, bloqueándolo todo el verano y dándole sólo algunas sustituciones para las visitas guiadas.


A mediados de septiembre, todavía no tenía permiso, pero estaba obligado a recibir los autobuses de turistas en este pequeño museo hecho para una docena de personas.