8 - Jouets en papier mâché


One day, for the first time in his life, Pierrot had to lift his hand against someone, and that someone was his father, himself a force of Nature. The man who had employed him seven days a week for guided tours of the museum and also for the shows – thirty-minute performances – this same man prevented him from enjoying summer and only occasionally allowed him to be replaced on the guided tours inside the museum.


    In mid-September he still hadn’t had a day off and was forced to receive busloads of tourists in the tiny museum designed for a dozen persons.


    Pierrot knew if anything happened to him he would be in trouble. He was exhausted and there was a risk of him “cracking” over a disparaging person in the little museum where he worked under a sheet-metal roof, summer and winter. To make things worse, his father had announced in the newspaper and on internet that “the Amusing Museum never goes on vacation”.


    The number of visitors to the museum had increased and the amount of business had as well, but not the revenue since the public contract (Employment Initiative Contract, or CIE) with the museum was funded less and less.


Canard en papier mâché polychrome à soufflet. Hauteur 17,5cm. Très bel état d'usage.

Château fort en papier mâché et bois 52 x 28 cm.

Poupée en papier mâché taille 43cm. Mains en tissu. Décolorée. Etat d'usage.

Poupée en papier mâché. Mains en composition. Taille 33cm. Eclat au nez. Bel état d'usage.

Vache en papier mâché. Longueur 18cm. Hauteur 18cm. Jouet à trainer. Accidents aux cornes. Bon état d'usage.


Pierrot, si algo sucedía, sabía que le causaría un gran daño: estaba agotado, el riesgo era que "explotara" frente a una persona peyorativa en este pequeño museo donde había estado varios años bajo un techo de hojalata, verano e invierno. Su padre, además, lo había puesto en el periódico y en la red: "El Museo Divertido no toma vacaciones".


Habiendo desarrollado el número de sus visitantes, su facturación aumentó, pero no sus ingresos, debido a que el contrato público con la asociación "El Museo Divertido" (Iniciativa de Empleo por Contrato o IEC) recibió cada vez menos ayuda.